Friday, August 4th at 3:30pm / 1510 Willow Lawn Drive, Richmond, VA 23230

Join me in the return of this collaborative discussion about the remainder of 2023. Let's collectively discuss visions, goals, collaborations and more! This one hour event is aimed to foster conversations about business, marketing, what collaborations/connections would you like to cultivate, etc. Let’s be frank! You are looking to implement new visions, new strategies, new solutions, ideas you’re sitting on, start asking the right questions, work with innovative creators, and eliminate what no longer serves YOU! This collaborative discussion is all happening over light refreshments! 

* There are only ten spots for this private invite only event *

You're encouraged to meditate on a few collaborative topics:
Collaboration over competition
Marketing to your ideal client/customer
What no longer serves you
Ideas/strategies you want to implement
Your business/personal online presence
Delegating / outsourcing
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